Bilingual book on Hoan Kiem Lake to debut in Hanoi
  • | SGT | June 02, 2011 11:07 AM

‘Around the Hoan Kiem Lake and beyond’ is the first bilingual Vietnamese-English book by photographer Quang Phung to be published by the Cultural-Information Publishing House, Hanoi this month.

A photo taken by Quang Phung to be published in ‘Around the Hoan Kiem Lake and beyond’ this month - Photo: Courtesy of the organizers

The photographic book chronicles his 60 years as a freelance photographer in Vietnam. It has 112 pages and presents 100 photos selected from his large collection during his long career.

The book, supported by the Prince Claus Fund Library of the Netherlands and the East West Foundation, has three parts. The first part named The God-given Quiet Space and Beauty, stresses on the beauty of Hoan Kiem Lake and the close relationship of the lake with Hanoi people from childhood to old age.

The second part named Social Stories, presents the artist’s private thoughts on the social upheaval over the last 60 years, likening Hoan Kiem Lake as a miniature society experiencing the rise and fall of happiness, sadness, good and evil.

The third part, For Human Soul Self-Improvement, is a complete introduction to the traditional process of making lotus tea in Phung Thanh Pagoda off Kham Thien Street.

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