Ministry reduces working hours of preschool teachers
  • | VietNamNet | October 27, 2011 07:23 PM

The Ministry of Education and Training has rescheduled the working curriculum of preschool teachers, reducing their working hours to 42 weeks per year.

The Ministry has just released a new circular with details on the working hours of preschool teachers. As per the circular, teachers will work 42 weeks in a year, which will include 35 teaching weeks, 4 weeks for participating in fresh skill courses, 2 weeks for preparation of new academic year and one week for winding up of the academic term.

The summer vacation will last 8 weeks during which teachers will receive full salary and other bonuses as applicable. They will be liable for other off days as well, as per the Laws of Labor and present regulations.

However, teachers will be required to complete all tasks assigned by the school master and ensure they complete their working hours each week. Preschool teachers who take charge a class with a disabled preschooler will receive an extra half hour in their working hour.

In addition, the circular stipulates reducing working hours for preschool teachers if they work overtime or have children below 12 months of age.

The circular takes effect from December 9, 2011 and the people’s committees in provinces and cities will be required to direct the departments of education and training to implement rules as per the circular.

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