Vietnamese photographer offers “Asian Moments” in Europe
  • | VietNamNet/Tuoi Tre | March 30, 2010 06:58 PM

A photo exhibition entitled “Asian Moments” by a Vietnamese photographer will run at La Haye University in the Netherlands until April 10.

Thirty-one photos are divided into seven groups to tell seven stories about seven Southeast Asian nations – Vietnam, Myanmar, Malaysia, Indonesia, Singapore, Thailand and Cambodia through the lens of Pham Thi Diep Giang.

She selected these photos from hundreds taken during her trips to 13 countries over four years (2005-2009).

Diep Giang, 29, is known in Vietnam as a young writer who introduced a collection of short stories entitled “Winter Wine” (2008) and some poetry. The exhibition in the Netherlands reveals that she is also a young and accomplished photographer.

“The exhibition aims to introduce Asian countries, which are still strange to Europe. In addition, I want to express my view that “artist” is not a very big name and that anyone, in some moments, can become artists and express their views, voices and ideas through pictures,” Giang explained.

Diep Giang has been in the Netherlands for several months and this is the first time she has introduced her photos. She has been assisted enthusiastically by her friends and teachers, and received sponsorship from De Haagse Kan and Trung Nguyen Coffee Company.

The images of Vietnam introduced by Diep Giang are through pictures of Hanoi, HCM City, Da Lat and Hoi An.

After two weeks, nearly ten photos have been sold, while some asked for information on other pictures. Inholland University has proposed to display these photos again.

Diep Giang is studying international media administration at La Haye University. Asking what attracts her most – poems, short stories, photography or media? Giang replied that she must choose one in the future, but, for now, she believes: “When you are young, strive to do anything you can.”



Hoi An ancient town, Vietnam

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