Party leader pins hopes on youth movements
  • | VOV | December 12, 2012 08:27 PM

Party leader Nguyen Phu Trong has praised the Youth Union for its vanguard role in socio-economic development and volunteer movements to build a prosperous Vietnamese nation.


Addressing the Union’s 10th National Congress in Hanoi on December 12, Trong noted that over the years young Vietnamese people have upheld their predecessors’ patriotic tradition, defeating foreign invaders and liberating the nation.

During the Renewal process, he said, they have demonstrated their all-out efforts to overcome hardship and excel in their studies and work, devoting themselves to national industrialisation and modernisation.

They are forming the core of the vanguard movements such as economic development and poverty reduction programmes, contributing to turning Vietnam into a wealthy people, a strong nation, and an equitable, democratic and civilised society, said Trong.

However, he pointed out the Youth Union’s weaknesses, saying the organisation has not brought into full play its aggregate strength to promote its movements at the grassroots level.

He said part of the youth have adopted a decadent lifestyle, reducing traditional values as well as trust in the Party leadership. In addition, there is the knowledge gap between young people in urban and rural and remote areas that needs to be narrowed.  

The Party leader asked the congress to clarify the role and position young people hold in the new era.

The youth holds an important part of society, symbolising the strength of the nation, he stressed, analysing a close correlation between young and national strengths in development.

He underlined the importance of political and ideological education for young people, considering this an urgent, strategic and long-term task and measurement of the operational efficiency of the youth movements.

He called on the Union to consolidate its organisation at the grassroots level and diversify activities to involve young people in revolutionary movements, especially in disadvantaged areas. Another important task is to create a environment for young people to train and develop a healthy lifestyle.

The Party, State and people always place trust in generations of young Vietnamese people and require the Youth Union to better perform its role and position to build a strong vanguard force in national development, the Party chief stressed.

As many as 999 delegates representing millions of young Vietnamese people across the country are attending the congress to review the Youth Union’s operations in the past five years and set out tasks for the next five years. 


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