Haiphong farmer faces controversial attempted murder charge
  • By Anh The – Quoc Do | | December 31, 2012 12:24 PM
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Doan Van Vuon, a farmer involved in a controversial land withdrawal case in Haiphong, along with some alleged accomplices, may be prosecuted for “attempted murder of state officers on duty”.


Doan Van Vuon and Doan Van Quy

Haiphong City police’s investigative agency proposed that the People’s Procuracy prosecute farmer Doan Van Vuon, 49, and his brothers for attempted murder in an incident which occurred in Tien Lang District on January 5.

The accused include Doan Van Quy, 46, Doan Van Sinh, 55 and Doan Van Ve, 38.

The agency also proposed the prosecution of Doan Van Vuon’s wife, Nguyen Thi Thuong, and Doan Van Quy’s wife, Pham Thi Hien for “disobeying state officers on duty.”

The district government’s decision to forcibly remove them from their aquaculture land in Van Quang Commune led Vuon’s family to make several pleas to local agencies, but they received no satisfactory reply.

The day before they were scheduled to be removed from their land Vuon gathered his relatives in order to prepare a protest against the action.

Vuon asked Ve to prepare guns for Quy, Sinh, Thoai and Thai. Bau, Thuong and Vuon’s son Doan Xuan Quynh made five bamboo barriers around the land.

Vuon’s family prepared two home-made mines and four electric detonators that were designed to explode a gas can, all of which they hid underneath rice straw.

On the day when the ten officers came to evict them from their land, they used their home-made defenses, but no one was injured. However, after they passed the second trap-barrier, Quy, Thai and Thoai began firing their weapons, leading to seven injured.

Nguyen Thi Thuong and Pham Thi Hien responded to the prosecution efforts by saying they were only trying to protect their property.     


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