Hanoi traffic police attempt to improve public image
  • | TP, | March 06, 2013 02:27 PM
Hanoi traffic police will try to improve their image among citizens by cleaning up the appearance and conduct of officers.


New appearance and behaviour requirements for traffic police  

Colonel Dao Vinh Thang, head of Hanoi Traffic Police said, “We will impose some requirements for the behaviour and physical appearance of our officers who manage road traffic. Those who are too small or out of shape will be relegated to administrative duties."

He said that eight different measures would be taken to improve the image of the force in the capital city, including adding female traffic officers to the ranks.

"Other countries in Asia, including Thailand and India, have taken similar steps," Thang said.

The conduct of some traffic officers, such as hiding behind trees in order to catch unsuspecting violators, has also tarnished the reputation of traffic police in the city.

Thang commented, "We've requested that traffic police maintain a visible presence in order to monitor compliance with traffic safety rules. Any police officer found to violate this regulation could face disciplinary measures such as being reassigned to office duties. We have already dealt with 23 such cases."

Traffic officers already on duty will be subject to personal appearance requirements, including requirements on body-size, he noted.

"We will also put an end to profiling those from other provinces, the elderly or women to arbitrarily stop and demand their papers, as long as they are not violating any traffic rules. Also, drivers caught for trivial violations, such as stopping past the line at a red light or not having mirrors could be let go with a warning instead of a fine. We are trying to win back public confidence," he said.

Lieutenant-Colonel Nguyen Trong Thai, head of traffic police unit 14, said he absolutely agreed with the new policy, and that it would go far to improve the public's perception of traffic police.

"In addition to increasing our professionalism, I think that it is necessary for officers to undergo regular physical training," he added.

Currently the force is making a list of officers who exceed the new requirements for body size and will reassign them to other duties.

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