PM approves US$107 million for secondary education development
  • | Nhan Dan | August 04, 2016 01:25 PM
The prime minister has approved investment for phase 2 of the secondary education development programme, aimed at enhancing conditions for ensuring the quality of secondary education, and making a significant improvement to vocational education and streaming of secondary students across 63 localities in the country.

 The programme will be implemented during 2017-2023 with a total budget of US$107 million.

The programme will be implemented during 2017-2023 with a total budget of US$107 million.

It targets improving the quality of secondary education meeting fundamental and comprehensive innovation of education and training. By 2023, it targets to renovate education in 100% of high schools across the nation, along with significant changes in vocational and training and streaming of students to meet the requested rate.

At the same time, the scheme also improves access to secondary education for youth and adolescents with difficulties to meet the goal of secondary education universalisation. By 2020, the enrollment rate is expected to reach 95%. For disabled children, the figure is set at 70%. Also by 2020, the educational evaluation system is set to reach global standards.

Under the programmes, about 60 schools selected to be granted support for facility upgrading, including specialised secondary schools for the gifted, schools in areas with socio-economic difficulties, and schools with strengthened vocational education and training.

It also provides modern equipment for IT applications, laboratory practices, and experiments for about 70 specialised secondary schools, 126 vocational schools, 220 schools in areas with difficult socio-economic conditions, and about 28 educational centres for people with disabilities.

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