2016 - “Golden year” for Vietnamese students
  • | vietnamnet | February 04, 2017 06:38 PM
Teams of Vietnamese students have harvested good results in international Olympiads for many years, bringing fames to the country. Especially, 2016 is the year which is considered the golden year for Vietnamese students in international arena.

PM Phuc awards certificates to Olympiad winners

All 33 Vietnamese students who sat for 44 International Olympiads bagged gold medals for the first time.

Many of them are studying in countryside districts where economic conditions and facilities for teaching and learning are very poor, accordingly, these gold medals are priceless.

Vu Xuan Trung from the southern province of Thai Binh grasped golden medals for International Mathematical Olympiad in two successive years. He is a freshman at the Nature Science University in Hanoi.

Trung is famous for his quickness in mathematic puzzles in his school for gifted students in the Province. Because of his poor family, all four sisters quit school to work with the hope to earn money for their youngest brother’s studying. His family is still poor though, his parents can not afford extra classes; therefore, he must self-study.

Talking about his achievement, he said that because his mother rarely smiles, so he hopes these medals can make her smile and be happier. His family is the source of motivation and safe harbor in the life. He dreams to be a computer engineer in the future.

Nguyen The Quynh from a poor family in the central province of Quang Binh won the golden medal in International Physic Olympiad when he was an eleventh grader of Vo Nguyen Giap school for gifted student. His father died when he was at eighth grade. His mother, a butcher in Cho market managed to raise the two sons.

Quynh is not only good at physic but also at Mathematic and English. He wishes to study abroad to become a scientist or a lecturer of physic.

Also winning the golden medal along with Nguyen The Quynh, Dinh Thi Huong Thao, from Le Hong Phong School for gifted student in the northern province of Nam Dinh was awarded the special prize Best Female Asian Pacific Participant by the Association of Asia-Pacific Physics Societies.

Speaking at the ceremony to honor International Olympiad in early December, Prime Minister Nguyen Xuan Phuc said that the country not only needs medals students bagged from international competitions but also needs contributions of these excellent students to promote Vietnam in the world.

Vietnam sat for an international contest for the first time in 1974 and Vietnamese students won a gold medal this year, the PM added, after 42 years, students continued to grasp golden medals in all subjects because Vietnamese students inherit ambition for studying from the previous generations to bring fame for the country.

Inspired by the story of Pham Kim Hung who won the golden medal from International Mathematic Olympiad, the PM recommended students to read the story and listen to an American teacher who advised Hung and all students to lead a meaningful life and create more for the society. Following the advice, Hung decided to leave the US for Vietnam to work.

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