US funds school in Ha Giang
  • | | March 07, 2017 11:25 AM
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A new school which was constructed with funding from the US Pacific Command’s Overseas Humanitarian Disaster Assistance and Civic Action Programme has just opened in the mountainous province of Ha Giang.

The inauguration ceremony the new Pho Bang Primary School was held on March 3 with the attendance of US Ambassador to Vietnam Ted Osius, along with local and Ha Giang provincial representatives.
Members of the US and Ha Giang Province delegations cut a ribbon to signify the school’s handover to the Pho Bang local authorities. Photo from the US Embassy.

The new three-story building features eight classrooms and two meeting rooms. In addition, several existing structures were converted in dormitories with new bunk beds to give the students more living space. In times of natural disaster, Pho Bang Primary School can also serve as an emergency shelter.

Speaking at the ceremony handing-over the school, Ambassador Osius said, “People are our nation’s most precious resource, and a good education is the foundation to growing this resource. Vietnam has a saying, ‘To reap a return in 10 years, grow trees, to reap a return in 100 years, grow people.’ I hope this school provides the foundation that will help propel Vietnam to its fullest potential.”

Ambassador Osius talks with students from Pho Bang Primary School. Photo from the US Embassy.

Since 2009, the US government, through the Overseas Humanitarian Disaster Assistance and Civic Action Programme has partnered with the Vietnamese government to construct schools, clinics, disaster co-ordination centres and bridges in many towns and villages throughout Vietnam. The Pho Bang Primary School is the 20th school built in Vietnam through this relationship.

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