DTiNews continues flood relief efforts to remote islets
  • | | October 09, 2010 03:16 PM

Dan tri/DTiNews on October 8 offered additional supplies to the flood-hit households in the central province of Quang Binh.

Dan tri/DTiNews reporters bring rice to flood-ravaged households in Quang Binh

Reporters crossed dangerous rivers to bring instant noodles and rice to residents in Con Nam and Minh Hoa villages, Quang Minh Commune, Quang Trach District, after giving the same help to Tan Hoa Commune, Minh Hoa District, on October 7.

At the flood’s peak, the two villages lying on islets in the middle of Gianh River were completely absorbed with water, falling into a similar situation as nine communes in the south of Quang Trach District.

By noon on the same day, reporters transported instant noodles to 92 households in Con Nam Village and over 100kg of rice to people in Minh Ha villaged.

The floods have ruined dozens of houses and killed 80 out of the 118 buffaloes and cows in Con Nam. The whole village is covered with a gloomy atmosphere, collapsed walls, muddy roads and hungry people.

Many victims have caught acute diarrhea, skin infections and have swelled up limbs as they had to eat too rotting meatt due to the fresh vegetable and rice shortage. All wells in the two villages are full of mud and polluted water.

Reporters have provided one tonne of rice, nearly 50 drinking water jugs and 30 cartons of milk worth a combined VND17 million to households in the two aforementioned villages.

Despite suffering from hunger, many of the locals are ready to give up their allotted milk to children, elderly and ill people.
Offered rice and clean water, many families cooked meals with decaying beef but these may be the most delicious meals for them in awhile. After a busy day, the reporters also enjoyed meals with locals.

Head of Con Nam Village, Nguyen Van Son, who saved dozens of households from danger, said in a moved voice that, “We grow only one rice crop per year, and now most of our buffaloes and cows are dead while fields are covered with mud. It is the community that has helped us to overcome the difficult situation.”

On October 7 and 8, Dantri/DTiNews received thousands of calls to express sympathy and willingness to assist suffering households in Quang Binh. The newspaper has received over VND15 million and many other items from readers. It will soon transport this relief to the flood zone.

Locals eating raw instant noodles

Food taken to the ferry for relief

The reporters bringing relief to Con Nam and Minh Ha

The flood have settled, leaving muddy houses

The entire house swept away

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