Readers donate VND124m for ill little girl
  • By Thuy Diem | | March 08, 2018 06:02 PM
Dantri/DTiNews readers have donated over VND124m (USD5,400) to a four-year-old girl in Dak Lak Province who can't walk or speak because of illnesses.


Tram's family receives the donation

When Nguyen Pham Bao Tram was born, her mother said she already showed worrying signs. Her genitals and anus were almost fused together and Tram cried all day long. Her parents had to borrow money to bring her to Children's Hospital 2 in HCM City where not only was it found out that her anus was stuck to the perineum, she also had pneumonia.

Doctors told them that Tram needed surgery, however, her parents couldn't afford hospital charges and brought her home. They don't even have enough money to buy meat every day. At four years old, Tram's weight is only 10kg.

The family is struggling to repay the debts while trying to find money to treat Tram.

Chairman of Cu Ni Commune Pham Duy Hung said, "Tram's family is one of the most difficult cases in the area. We have over 400 poor households and offer them allowance every month but our budget is limited."

On March 6, representative of Dantri/DTiNews and the authorities of Cu Ni Commune visited and transferred VND124,154,000 (USD5,400) to Tram's family.

Pham Thi Hoa, Tram's mother, said, "I'm just so happy. For years, we didn't have enough money to treat our daughter. I want to express our sincere gratitude for all your help to make our dream come true."

Nguyen Minh Tuan, vice chairman of Cu Ni Commune, also expressed his gratitude. He said, "We hope the community will continue helping other such cases."

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