Police search for suspects in police station explosion
  • | vietnamnet, | June 21, 2018 11:01 PM
Two men riding a motorbike have been suspected of throwing explosives into a police station in HCM City on June 20, injuring a police officer.


Two suspects on motorbike 

At 2.30 pm on June 20, an explosion occurred at the police station of Ward 12. A female officer was injured by the aftershock and had to be transferred to the hospital. The scene was then blocked for investigation.

"I heard two big explosions and everyone ran out immediately, not knowing what had happened," a witness said.

Security cameras around the station showed two men riding on a motorbike passed the police station at that time. One of them got down and threw something inside before jumping on the motorbike and getting away. Both of them wore masks.

Several witnesses also said they saw two suspicious men in front of the station. After the men were gone, they heard the explosion.

The police have collected pieces of evidence and items in order to determine the type of the explosive.

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