Microsoft asked to help minimise cybersecurity risks in Vietnam
  • | Nhan Dan | January 17, 2019 06:04 AM
Deputy Prime Minister Vu Duc Dam has urged Microsoft to continue working with Vietnamese ministries and sectors to provide consultations and implement programmes to minimise cybersecurity risks and support digital transformation in the country.

Deputy PM Vu Duc Dam (R) receives Ralph Haupter, Corporate Vice President of Microsoft Corporation and Microsoft Asia President. (Photo:VGP)

The deputy PM made the statement during a reception for Ralph Haupter, Corporate Vice President of Microsoft Corporation and Microsoft Asia President, in Hanoi on January 16.

The host highly appreciated Microsoft’s strategies and commitments in the Vietnamese market, in addition to its cooperation programmes with Vietnamese ministries and sectors, and assistance to the community over the past few years.

He affirmed that the Vietnamese government always encourages and supports foreign businesses, including Microsoft, to expand their investment in the country.

Deputy PM Dam called on Microsoft to continue applying specific and suitable policies for the Vietnamese market in the future to encourage the use of copyrighted software, while supporting Vietnamese agencies to improve their capabilities to prevent and combat cyber-attacks and contributing to Vietnam’s breakthrough goals in terms of infrastructure development, including information technology infrastructure and human resource training.

The US corporation was also asked to accelerate its support activities for the community, especially in facilitating the people’s access to information technology.

For his part, Ralph Haupter hailed Vietnam as a market with strong growth and attractiveness to most of the leading technology groups in the world, including Microsoft. Since its penetration into the Vietnamese market in 1996, Microsoft’s products have been trusted and used in most state agencies and by businesses and the people. Besides, Microsoft has contributed US$22 million worth of software value and cloud computing, and more than US$3 million to assistance activities for the community and education.

The Microsoft leader briefed the deputy PM on Microsoft’s development strategies and affirmed the corporation’s commitments to the Vietnamese market, including support for the community, education sponsorship and cybersecurity.

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