Hundreds of households in flood-prone area to be relocated
  • By Duy Tuyen | | March 06, 2019 02:39 PM
Thanh Hoa Province authorities are planning to relocate 359 households who live in areas that are vulnerable to flash floods and landslides.


Many houses destroyed in a flood in Muong Lat in 2018

Muong Lat District authorities already submitted a report to Thanh Hoa People's Committee about the urgent relocation on February 18. Nguyen Duc Quyen, vice chairman of Thanh Hoa People's Committee, then asked the Department of Agriculture and Rural Development to review the plan and report back by March 3.

According to the ministry, they have to make clear the vulnerable area, and who and how many households will be relocated, based on what types of natural disasters. According to the survey, the residential areas were at high risk of landslides, the department suggested relocating 150 households in Trung Thang, Un, Sa Lung, Tung, Ma Hac and Lin villages.

On January 30, Muong Lat authorities proposed to add 209 more households to the relocation list. The district authorities were asked to explain the increase and review the situation carefully and prepare plans on how to secure local livelihoods in the new settlement area.

Prime Ministerial Decision 1776 states that each household should receive VND20m (USD860) in support, a figure that increases to VND30m for those in border areas.

Muong Lat District in Thanh Hoa Province was severely hit last August by severe floods. Hundreds of houses were buried and many villages nearly destroyed.

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