Danang bans plastic bottles at official meetings
  • | | April 26, 2019 09:01 AM
The Danang City authorities have asked local departments to stop using plastic products at work and banned plastic bottles at official meetings and conferences.


Danang bans plastic bottles at official meetings

The rules were issued after Danang People's Committee launched an anti-plastic movement. The Fatherland Front in Danang and other agencies were asked to organise events at their localities and report the results to the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment by April 25 and August 5 annually.

The managers of the administration centre have used metal and glass bottles to replace plastic whenever there are meetings and conferences.

Danang People's Committee has issued documents asking agencies to limit the use of disposable plastic products and bags at businesses, associations, supermarkets, restaurants and other service suppliers.

Danang authorities have made several moves to protect the environment. It will implement a rubbish classification plan in Hai Chau District this July and expand to other areas from September. It is part of the city environment development plan and will help reduce the number of buried rubbish.

A cleaning machine has been used to tidy the beaches in Danang City before the summer holiday starts.

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