Formosa addresses environment disaster violations
  • By Van Dung | | June 22, 2019 06:08 AM
Formosa Company has addressed all the violations as committed with the Vietnamese government after the environmental disasters that caused mass fish deaths the along the country’s central coast.


Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment inspects Formosa factory

Party Secretary of Ha Tinh Province Le Dinh Son announced on June 19 that the steel plant of Taiwan’s Formosa Plastics Group in Ha Tinh Province had addressed all the violations and would change the technology transformation process from coke wet quenching to coke dry quenching.

Nippon Steel and Sumikin Engineering Co. from Japan would provide the new equipment to Formosa Ha Tinh.

After the disaster, Formosa Ha Tinh quickly started compensating fishing communities and fixing violations as orders by the Vietnamese government. The technology transformation process was carried out in three years with the approval of the government.

The coke dry quenching system was built in April 2017 and completed in March.

Formosa Ha Tinh admitted that untreated water that was dumped directly into the sea from its steel plant in Ha Tinh was the main cause of the deaths of hundreds of tonnes of fish in waters off four central provinces in 2016. The environmental disaster affected some 100,000 fishermen and locals in the fishing, seafood and tourism industries, according to a government report.

Formosa paid USD500m in compensation to people that had their livelihoods affected by the disaster.

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