Vietnam carries out world's first limb transplant from living donor
  • | | February 24, 2020 07:52 PM
Vietnamese doctors have successfully carried out the world's first limb transplant in which a patient received a hand from a living donor.


Successful hand transplant from a living donor

The Military Hospital 108 announced the news at a press conference on February 24.

Mai Hong Bang, director of the Military Hospital 108 said the patient is 31-year-old Pham Van Vuong from Hanoi. In 2016, he got into a work accident. His hand and the lower forearm were crushed. The doctors had to cut off the wounded part as it can't be stored or saved. Bang faced many difficulties and in depression after a part of his arm was cut off.

On January 3, another patient was admitted after his arm was crushed by the brick rolling machine. He went through three operations in 18 days. However, the necrosis worsened and threatened the patient's life.

"After several discussions, we decided to cut off the entire arm," Bang said.

Only the part from the forearm to the arm was suffering from necrosis so the doctors noticed that the hand and the lower part of the forearm which were still healthy could be used to help Vuong. The patient's family also agreed to donate the healthy part.

The 8-hour transplant operation was led by Professor, Doctor Nguyen The Hoang, deputy head of the Military Hospital 108 on January 21. After the operation, Vuong was able to move the fingers immediately and a month later, he was able to hold items.

This shows improvement in the local medical sector and hopes for many patients without limbs.

"This is an amazing success. Limb transplant techniques are very complicated and difficult. Not everyone has the chance to encounter the case when severed limb can still be transplanted. Without technique, equipment and determination then we can't carry out a limb transplant from a living donor," said Pham Gia Khanh, head of the Vietnam Organ Transplantation Society.

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