Hanoi tightens control over going out for exercise
  • | | April 07, 2020 04:36 PM
Tay Ho District in Hanoi has set up stations on roads to the West Lake to prevent people from going to the lake area for exercise amid the spread of Covid-19.

On Monday, representatives from local wards were present at the stations placed at streets such as Van Cao, Trich Sai, Nguyen Dinh Thi and Ve Ho to remind people to limit going out if not necessary. 

People who went out for doing exercise were also asked to return home to ensure safety, particularly the elderly. 


The entry to an outdoor sports area on Trich Sai Street has been fenced 

Speakers are used to remind people 

Many people play badminton on the pavement on Lac Long Quan Street after being banned from going around West Lake. 

Following Prime Minister Nguyen Xuan Phuc’s instruction on social distancing nationwide from April 1, Tay Ho District has set up the stations which operate from 5 to 8 am; from 4-8 pm and 10 to 12 pm every day.

Local authorities also remind and even fine people who do not wear a mask when going out.

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