National high school graduation exams set for August 9-10
  • | nhandan | June 06, 2020 04:41 PM
The 2020 national high school graduation exams will take place on August 9-10, as announced by the Ministry of Education and Training on June 5 at an online meeting with the localities chaired by Minister Phung Xuan Nha.


At the 2019 national high school graduation exam

Candidates will register for the exam from June 15; meanwhile, the printing and return of examination announcement papers to the students will be completed by August 1.

This year, candidates will take five tests, including three independent tests of maths, literature, foreign languages and two combined tests of natural science (physics, chemistry and biology) and social science (history, geography and civic education for students who are at secondary education level, or history and geography for candidates continuing educational programmes at high school level).

The high school graduation exams aim to evaluate the learning outcomes of students in accordance with the educational objectives of the high school educational programme and continuing educational programme at high school level.

The results from the exams will be taken to represent high school graduation as well as being used as a basis for assessing the quality of teaching and education at high schools and the direction of management agencies in the education and training sector.

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