New diphtheria cases reported in Dak Lak
  • | | July 16, 2020 11:17 AM
Dak Lak Province has quickly set up quarantine zone after six new diphtheria cases were reported on July 14 and 15.


Quarantine zone set up after new diphtheria cases were reported in Dak Lak Province on July 14 and 15.

Four cases were in M'Dak District and two cases were in Cu M'gar District. The health sector in Dak Lak co-operated with the local authorities to disinfect, quarantine the areas and take samples for testing. The doctors from the Central Highland General Hospital also helped quarantine and treating the patients in M'Dak, Krong Bong and Cu M'gar districts.

As the situation became more complicated, Dak Lak People's Committee has issued an official document about urgent preventive measures including closely monitoring the future development to prevent spreading and to detect new cases and hotspots as soon as possible.

District and communal authorities must quickly roll out vaccination programmes. Health facilities must ensure that they are well-equipped to receive, quarantine and treat patients and limit the number of serious cases and cross-infections.

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