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Song Tranh Hydro-power Plant rocked again by earthquakes
  • By Cong Quang | | September 17, 2012 04:04 PM

The Song Tranh 2 Hydro-power Plant in Bac Tra My District, in the central province of Quang Nam again was struck by two more earthquakes this morning.


Song Tranh Hydro-power Plant rocked again by earthquakes 

Dang Phong, Chairman of Bac Tra My District People’s Committee, said the first earthquake began at 12.37am on September 17, with the second tremor at around 5am, worrying local people. The second earthquake affected the communes of Tra Doc, Tra Bui, Tra Tan and Bac Tra My Town causing the ground to shake for 10 seconds. It was equal or even stronger than the one measured at 4.2 Richter on September 3.

People’s Committee Chairman of Tra Doc Commune Ho Van Loi said he had been awakened by the quake.

The area also experienced a milder tremor on the morning of September 16.

Bac Tra My District authorities are currently auditing the damage caused.

Earlier, on September 3-6, the Song Tranh Hydro-power 2 Plant area encountered up to nine earthquakes according to the Institute of Earth Physics.

Nguyen Hong Phuong, Deputy Director of the Earthquake and Tsunami Warning Centre, said the consecutive earthquakes were the result of water storage at Song Tranh 2 Hydro-power Plant. The area is forecasted to face stronger earthquakes in the coming time.

The National Centre for Hydro-meteorological Forecasting said due to impacts of Inter-tropical Convergence Zone, the central region is witnessing heavy rain and local hydro-power plants, including Song Tranh were storing large amounts of water.


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