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Brother tries to cut off sister's legs
  • | | January 04, 2014 12:31 PM
A man in Hanoi tried to cut off his sister's legs, who was undergoing cancer treatment at the hospital in an exorcism attempt.

Police in Ba Dinh District detained Tran Tuan Khuong, 44, on January 3, for intentionally causing injury.

Khuong's sister, 51, has been receiving treatment at St. Paul Hospital since August 2012, but the cancer quickly metastasised to her brain. She was admitted to the hospital again on December 23 of last year. While staying in the hospital, Khuong's sister often complained that the felt things crawling underneath her skin and saw ghosts.

 Khuong's sister in hospital

On January 3, while Khuong and his sister's daughter were at the hospital, Khuong's sister cried out that she saw ghost again so he began massaging her legs while his niece massaged the head. Khuong then took a knife and started to try to cut off his sister's legs while the niece was sleeping. Apparently, his sister did not respond.

Tran Tuan Khuong at the police station

There were about ten people in the room at the time, many of whom were nurses, who tried to stop Khuong but were afraid of the man with a knife. By the time security arrived, Khuong managed to cut off almost the entire right foot and half of the right shin.

Khuong explained that he had intended to let the ghosts bleed out of his sister's body. However, the police found out that Khuong was made to take a drug test and came up positive for methamphetamine.

Khuong's sister has been timely treated and is now in stable condition.

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