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Hanoi hospitals suffer overcrowding in the heat
  • By Ha Trang-Tran Van | | June 04, 2016 08:25 AM
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Many of the capital’s largest hospitals are struggling as workers, patients and visitors try to escape the heat relief.


At noon today, June 3, hundreds of patients and their relatives were standing, sitting and even lying down all over the corridor to take a nap at Bach Mai Hospital's Examination Ward.

The space under the stairs became an ideal for many people to take a rest

Some people even lay down on a working table of hospital staff members at noon 


All the corridors in the hospital were over-crowded 


Most of these people are from localities far from Hanoi. Taking a nap at the hospital has helped them save money amid the blazing hot weather.



People try to find the best place for them to take a rest on the hot day


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