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Hanoi shows evolution of learning in Vietnam
  • | SGT | September 15, 2010 09:08 AM

An exhibition named “Tools of Learning, Past and Present,” is on at the Temple of Literature until the end of this month.

Some studying tools from the feudal era.

The exhibition covers four periods of Vietnamese history.

The first period called the Feudal era, starts in 1075 when the Ly Dynasty organized the first examinations to choose the greatest talents to manage the new country, until the August Revolution. It displays teaching and studying tools such as oil lamp, ink slab, do paper, ink pads and books written by Chinese characters.

The second period that starts after the August Revolution was when President Ho Chi Minh tried to stamp out illiteracy.

The third period until 1986 was the subsidization period, when the government provided everything through rationing. Another period was reconstruction after reunification, when the country was experiencing many difficulties after decades of war; all school supplies in Hanoi were supplied by other socialist countries.

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