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Little girl looks after seriously ill father
  • | | May 18, 2017 05:22 PM
A young girl in Ha Tinh Province is calling for support for her small brothers and a disabled father after a labour accident.

Nguyen Thi Ha is in 7th grade at Phuc Thang Secondary School in Cam Xuyen Cach District. Ha's father, Nguyen Van Long, went to Angola as a guest worker over a year ago. Unfortunately, he accidentally let an iron beam touch an electricity line and he was electrocuted.



Nguyen Van Long injured after an accident

Both of his arms were cut off. But in order to go to Angola, he had borrowed over VND100m (USD4,400) and can't afford the treatment to his left leg. The wound now has become necrotic. "It's hurt and itchy at the same time. I can't sleep at all," he said.

Ha's mother had to leave home to find work in the southern provinces to support the family. Ha has to take care of all housework, her two siblings and her father. Ha also raises two groups of duck and chicken to earn some incomes. Despite the hardship, she still studies hard and tutored her siblings.


Ha has to take care of all housework, her two siblings and her father

Ha Bac Dang Quoc Cau, head of Ha Bac Village, worried that the children may have to drop out of school. "They are struggling to buy medicines for their father and daily meals, let along going to school. We have proposed to recognise them as a poor household so they receive a monthly allowance," he said.

If you can help them please donate through:

1. Code 2543: Nguyen Van Long from Ha Bac Village, Cam Nam Commune, Cam Xuyen District, Ha Tinh Province.

Tel: 0125.7353.277

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