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Motorbike taxi driver identified for attacking Australian tourist
  • | nguoilaodong, | February 03, 2018 10:54 AM
 >>  Motorbike taxi drivers accused of beating up tourist
The police in Hoi An announced that they had found the motorbike taxi driver who beat up an Australian tourist, leaving him with 11 stitches.


The Australian tourist is beaten up by motorbike taxi drivers in Hoi An

Leaders of Hoi An Police in Quang Nam Province said on February 3 that they had reported the case to the city people's committee. According to the police, tourist Morgan Curtis was assaulted by 33-year-old Nguy Nhu Tien.

According to Tien, he was sitting at a street vendor when three foreign men came and accused him of stealing their money. Tien said that he didn't do anything when one of the men pushed him to the ground. Tien then hit him with a plastic chair. Onlookers rushed to bring the man to hospital.

The police said they knew about the case via the media and the victim hadn't reported to them. Morgan Curtis and his mother had already left Hoi An.

Tien may face administrative fines.

"We are investigating whether there were other attackers besides Tien. We'll inform the victim when we have official results," said the representative of Hoi An Police.

Curtis' mother previously wrote a letter to Hoi An Party Secretary Nguyen Su about the incident. Her version of the incident was entirely different.

According to the letter, Morgan Curtis was walking along the Nguyen Phuc Chu Street at midnight on January 25 when a group of 15 motorbike taxi drivers offered him their services. After paying VND50,000 (USD2.20) for the trip, the men suddenly attacked and robbed him. They also tried to rob a group of French tourists at the same time. After the incident, he and his friends walked to a bar on Nguyen Phuc Chu Street but they were attacked by several men. One of the men threw something at his head.

Hoi An Vice Chairman Nguyen Van Son then said they had questioned the drivers and one of them admitted to having attacked him. However, the driver said they weren't paid enough for the ride and had the money snatched away from him first so he reacted to take it back.

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