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Philippine trekker rescued by fishermen in Danang
  • | | June 20, 2018 09:51 AM

A Philippine tourist has been rescued while losing his way in Son Tra forest in the central coastal city of Danang.

Illustrative photo. A rescue team at Son Tra forest

Authorities in Son Tra District announced on Wednesday that local fishermen rescued a Philippine visitor who lost his way while trekking in a forest on Tuesday evening.

Head of Son Tra District Military command Board, Tran Quanh Chanh said that the tourist went for a trekking trip through Son Tra forest with two other friends who all came from the Philippines on June 19.

His friends noticed he was missing at about 5 pm and reported it with local authorities after failing to find him.

At 6 pm, Son Tra District's authorities sent out three rescue teams who went in different directions to look for the tourist.

At 9 pm, the two tourists were informed that their friend had been rescued by local fishermen while stuck among cliffs and was taken to shore by a boat.

According to a report from police in Son Tra District, the fishermen who were passing the cliff heard the call for help and came to see the exhausted tourist. They had taken him to shore and helped contact his friends.

Chanh said that the three tourists went on the trekking trip on their own without a guide.

Son Tra Mountain which lies east of Danang City covers some 60 square kilometres and has many attractions including Linh Ung Pagoda, an ancient banyan tree and lighthouse.

Although there are concrete pathways to most of the tourist spots here which can be easily reached by motorbikes, it is possible to get lost in the large forest. Tourists are also warned not to stay in the forest at night as there are wild animals living there.

In May, a Vietnamese tourist died in an accident while joining a trekking trip with friends through Ta Nang - Phan Dung route in Binh Thuan Province. His body was found at the bottom of a waterfall three days later.

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