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Hanoi to publicise water quality daily after oil contamination
  • | tienphong, | October 18, 2019 05:04 PM
Hanoi will give daily reports on tap water quality following the oil contamination at the Da River Water Plant.


Hanoi citizens wait for clean water on October 17

According to Hanoi People's Committee, Hanoi Water Limited Company has used water from Duong River and other water plants to provide water to western districts like Dinh Cong, Thanh Xuan and Hoang Liet. 35,000 cubic metres of water was provided on October 15 and 60,000 cubic metres of water was provided on October 16 and 17 each.

Da River Water Plant has worked with SOS Environment JSC to deal with oil-contaminated land along Bang Stream to Dam Bai Lake. The oil has been blocked and will not run into the plant's reservoir. The company had stopped providing water to clean the tanks and pipes on October 15 and 16 and started providing water again.

However, it is advised that residents should only use tap water for washing and bathing only. Hanoi Water Limited Company will send water trucks to residential areas and bottled water to primary and nursery schools for cooking. Building management boards were asked to clean their water tanks by October 20.

People who live in areas that are provided with Duong River's water can use it for washing and cooking as usual.

Hanoi People's Committee will set up an inspection team led by the director of the Department of Construction and Hoa Binh Province People's Committee to monitor the situation and the damage control. The Department of Health and Hanoi Centre for Disease Control will take water samples from upstream, water plants and residential areas for tests. The results will be announced daily for public monitoring.

Hanoi authorities noted the seriousness of the incident which has badly affected the public.

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