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South Korean investigation into 164 missing Vietnamese students
  • |, LD | December 12, 2019 04:27 PM
The Vietnamese Ministry of Education and Training and the Vietnamese Embassy in South Korea are investigating 164 local students that have been reported to have vanished from Incheon National University.

According to Pham Quang Hung, head of the ministry’s International Co-operation Department, the students have been unaccounted for 15 days at the university, not missing as said by some news sources.


(Photo by The Korea Times)

There are around 1,900 Vietnamese students on a one-year Korean language training programme at the university’s Korean language school. The programme started four months ago, the Korea Times disclosed.

Hung noted that the department will determine how the students came to South Korea for study. Any violations will be strictly dealt with if found.

The Ministry of Education and Training is building a software system on oversea study management which will be applied nationwide. The private information of students who study overseas through organisations and companies will be recorded, he said.

Hung, however, mentioned difficulties managing those who go abroad to study by themselves.

Three students from Uzbekistan have also skipped their classes for 15 days.

The South Korean police are searching for them.

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