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Dantri readers support poor widow and sick daughter
  • | | January 03, 2022 04:03 PM
Dantri/Dtinews has just transferred nearly VND230 million (USD 10,000) to help an elderly widow in Thai Nguyen Province cover medical treatment for her daughter who is suffering from serious burns.

Ma Thi Duyen receives the donations on January 2

The donations were sent to Ma Thi Duyen and her daughter Phan Thi Phuong in Na Tun Village, Phu Luong District on January 2.

Duyen said she was very moved by the great amount of sympathy as well as donations she has been receiving from the public.

"The donations can help me repay my debts and continue treatment for my daughter," she said. "I've incurred some debts over the past three years since my daughter had the accident."

According to the elderly woman, her daughter Phan Thi Phuong has had very weak health since birth. Due to financial difficulties, the family could not send her to hospital for health check-ups. Now at 30, Phuong measures only one metre and weighs just 26 kilos. After her husband died from a stroke several years ago, Duyen and her daughter continued to run their small food stall with modest income.

Three years ago, while helping her mother at the food stall, Phuong slipped and fell into a boiling pot of water. She was rushed to a local hospital and was then transferred to the Vietnam National Institute of Burns. She had undergone five operations until the poor mother could not borrow any more money to continue the final stages of treatment for her.

Ma Thi Duyen and her daughter

"I had to bring her home after running out of money," the mother said. "I had borrowed from everywhere I could. I was very depressed before I received this huge support from many kind donors. Now my daughter will have a good chance of a full recovery."

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