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More farmers hit by snakes during Central Highlands coffee harvest
  • |, TP | December 02, 2022 04:08 PM
Many people in the Central Highlands region have been attacked by poisonous snakes during the coffee harvest season.

The white-lipped pit viper often hunts prey on coffee tree canopies, posing dangers to farmers. 

Tran Van Thu from Buon Ma Thuot City’s Ea Tam Ward said that he was beaten by a snake at around 5: 30 pm on November 20 and then rushed to hospital.


Thu was hospitalised after being beaten by a snake

Y Ra Ly from Krong Pac District was hospitalised for emergency care on November 19 after being attacked by a white-lipped pit viper while harvesting coffee.

A young man in Cu M’gar District recently died after being attacked by a white-lipped pit viper. The incident occurred at a coffee garden in Ea Kueh Commune. He, however, was taken to a local hospital quite late, so, doctors failed to save him.

According to Central Highlands Hospital, so far this year, the hospital has treated 150 people who had been attacked by snakes, mostly white-lipped pit vipers, and the numbers have been on the rise.

Trinh Hong Nhut, deputy director of Central Highlands Hospital, said that some cases were sent to the hospital in severe conditions with blood clotting disorders and profuse bleeding.

Doctors advise that people should seek immediate treatment following snake attacks.

A medicine practitioner specialises in treating patients attacked by snakes said that every year, he serves 20 people, focusing on the time between April and November.

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