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Proposal to hire part-time national coach rejected
  • | Tuoi Tre | May 10, 2012 08:39 PM

“The General Department of Sports and Physical Training still maintains its view that the head coach for the national football team should work for a long-term contract,” deputy head of the department Pham Van Tuan told Tuoi Tre.


Coach Phan Thanh Hung of Hanoi T&T 

This means the general department has turned down the proposal of the Vietnam Football Federation (VFF) to have one of the three nominees for the post work under a short-term deal.

Young coaches Phan Thanh Hung, Le Huynh Duc, and Nguyen Huu Thang all told VFF that they could not work full time for the national squad due to their jobs at the club level.

Coach Hung of Hanoi T&T said he is willing to take the helm for a short time, but cannot leave his club for the national squad.

“Right after sacking German coach Falko Goetz, the general department ordered VFF to quickly fill the vacancy with a domestic coach who is capable of working for a long term,” Tuan said.

“And yet we have since received no reports from VFF on their hunt for a coach.

“Though we admit that it’s not easy to find a suitable nominee since most domestic coaches are too busy at their own clubs, we still criticize the VFF for working too slowly on the task.

“The head coach of the national squad should have been announced in April or May so that players can be recruited to practice in June,” added Tuan.

Tuan said he was wondering if VFF had missed any nominees for the post.

“There are many coaches who dream of taking the helm.

“What matters here is not that the coach will receive monthly wage of VND150 or 200 million, but whether he can devote himself to the job.

“Nothing would be solved if the coach only works with the team for three to four months,” he said.

In case coaches Hung, Duc, and Thang all refuse to leave their clubs for a long-term contract at the national squad, Tuan said, the general department also decided that there will be no international nominee for the post.

“Hence, one way or another, it’s the VFF’s job to find a coach that meets our requirements,” confirmed Tuan.

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