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Ministry presses on with controversial vehicle ownership regulation
  • | ttxvn, | March 26, 2013 04:20 PM
 >>  Vehicle registration laws under review

The Ministry of Public Security has decided to stand firm on the controversial punishment for the non-transfer of vehicle ownership despite opposition from the Ministry of Transport.


 The Ministry of Public Security will apply fines
for those that have failed to transfer vehicle ownerships correctly

In November 2012, the Ministry of Transport proposed the draft Resolution 71 to replace Resolution 34 issued in 2010. The new draft resolution raised the fines for non-transferring vehicle ownership from VND100,000-2million (USD4.8-96) to VND800,000-10million (USD38-383) for motorbikes and cars.

After the draft resolution was announced, it faced strong opposition because of unclear and inconsistent guidelines. People worried that they would be stopped by the police for proof of ownership, and in some localities security took advantage of the resolution to harass people.

The Ministry of Transport decided to scrap the rules from the draft resolution. However, the Ministry of Public Security disagreed.

Lieutenant-General Pham Quy Ngo, Deputy Minister of Public Security said, "This is not a new regulation. It has existed since 1995 and the authorities have only raised the fines. Moreover, there is no regulation that states that people use borrowed vehicles from relatives will be fined."

According to him, the regulation will make people be more aware about need to prove vehicle ownership. Moreover, it also makes the police's work easier when dealing with civic disputes over vehicles or traffic accidents.

In early March, the Ministry of Public Security issued a more detailed Circular 11 which clarified that police are only allowed to ask about vehicle ownership when issuing registration plates, dealing with traffic accidents, criminal cases or confiscated vehicles after traffic violations. Under the circular, police in Hanoi would apply the fines from April 15.

Ngo also said they had simplified the vehicle transfer procedures in Circular 12. It will be made easier for second or third vehicle owners, who could not find the original owners. This circular would take effect from April 15 to the end of 2014.

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