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Hanoi vows to deal with pavement encroachment
  • |, VNA | March 09, 2017 09:39 PM
 >>  Hanoi authorities vow to curb pavement problems
 >>  Hanoi still fails to fight against pavement encroachment
All districts and towns in Hanoi will start a new and comprehensive fight against pervasive pavement encroachment from today, March 10, said chairman of the municipal people’s committee Nguyen Duc Chung.

At a recent meeting on the implementation of measures to intensify inspections and punishment of violations relating to traffic and urban order, Chung pointed out that the handling of pavement and street encroachment had been discussed many times and many campaigns had been conducted, but all had failed.

Pavement encroachment is still seen in many streets in Hanoi due to lack of close supervision by leaders of ministries and agencies.

He blamed the failure for lack of close supervision by leaders of ministries and agencies, adding that the task must be carried out more resolutely, methodically and patiently to gain sustainable results.

Chung noted that the city will launch a new and comprehensive fight to deal with the pavement encroachment from March 10 with more drastic measures. Any individuals and organisations violating regulations would be strictly punished.

Apart from punishing violators, it was essential for heads of districts, communes and agencies to take responsibility for violations happening in their areas, he said. The city will set up interdisciplinary inspection teams and will strictly punish those leaders who let violations occur within their jurisdictions, he said.

Although the city’s campaign will be started from March 10, but on March 9, many local pavements were still blatantly occupied by services and vendors as usual.

Some photos taken on some street pavements in Hanoi on March 9:


On To Hien Thanh Street 


An illegal parking spot on the pavement of Nguyen Dinh Chieu Street 

Lang Ha Street  

Pedestrians have to walk on road


Quang Trung Street 

Pavements in front of restaurants used as parking lots  

Le Dai Hanh Street

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