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Quang Tri fisherman denies using explosives during 150-tonne catch
  • | | March 15, 2017 08:08 PM
 >>  First big fish catch after Formosa pollution disaster

The fisherman who came back to port a record-breaking catch of 150 tonnes of fish in Quang Tri province insisted that he didn't use explosives, but many fish died from lack of oxygen.

After pictures of the large catch went viral on the internet, the fisherman received lots of congratulations but many people have also expressed doubts that he might have been used explosives as many fish died in his net.

Taking with Dantri/DTiNews reporter, the captain of the fishing boat, Le Van Tuan, claimed that they did not use any explosives.

"We used nets to catch the fish," he confirmed. "But it took us three days to gather them to shore due to the huge number, and many died from a lack of oxygen."

 The fishermen used simple tools so it took them longer time to gather the fish

Tuan also showed a video clip of the fishing process which showed that they only use nets to catch the fish. The large number of fish all waggled violently, showing no signs of being damaged by explosives.

The fish were still fresh when they were sold to traders.

Vice director of Quang Tri Provincial Department of Agriculture and Rural Department, Nguyen Van Huan, also said that it was easy to understand that fish will die from lack of oxygen if being kept in a narrow net for a long time.

"I know that these fishermen will not use explosive because it can damage the fish’s internal organs," Huan explained.

Tuan said that he detected the school of double spotted queenfish on March 11, about 10 nautical miles away from Con Co Island. Due to the massive amount of fish, Tuan had called for help from 11 fishing boats to bring the fish ashore. About 30 fishermen worked for two days to bring in the haul.

According to the fishermen, this type of fish is not commonly seen, and often travel in schools at high speed. This is the biggest catch in the past decades of Quang Tri Province.

The fisherman sold the catch for VND5 billion (USD219,000).

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