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Readers help orphaned student overcome difficulties
  • | | September 13, 2017 05:35 PM
Dantri Newspaper has transferred over VND120 million (USD,5300) in readers' donation to help an orphaned university student in An Giang Province undergo a kidney transplant.

Lam Van Na is in his final year at An Giang University. His father died when he was born so Na and his mother sold lotto tickets to earn their living. Unfortunately, his mother died before he finished high school.

Thanks to encouragement from teachers and friends, he was able to enroll at An Giang University and support himself. During the first two years, his tuition was exempted. However, as the policy changed, he was asked to provide death certificate of his parents.

Na couldn't find the death certificate of his father and had to pay the tuition fee of VND3.5m (USD154) per semester. Along with the student loan of VND2.9m per semester from the bank, he still needed to find part-time jobs and walk to the university every day to save money.

He was shocked when being diagnosed with chronic kidney failure in June this year.

After his story was published, many people have called to give encouragement. A company in HCM City promised to pay kidney transplant cost for him. He will go to HCM City on September 16 for check-ups and wait for a donated kidney.


Head of Dantri/DTiNews office in the Mekong Delta Region, Phan Huy (left) gave readers' donation to Lam Van Na on September 11.

"I want to be healthy to complete university. My biggest dream is to earn a degree in accounting and find a good job," he said.

A representative of Dantri Newspaper transferred VND120,435,000 (USD5,300) donated by readers to Na. He expressed gratitude, saying that the money would be wisely spent.

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