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Tien Giang Toll gate faces second shutdown following protests
  • By Duc Hiep | | December 01, 2017 12:22 PM
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 >>  Drivers pay small notes at toll station in protest
The Cai Lay build, operate and transfer toll station in the southern province of Tien Giang has been suspended again just one day after being re-opened due to drivers' protest.


Many drivers continue to use small notes to pay toll fees at Cai Lay BOT toll station

On the morning of November 30, the Cai Lay BOT toll station was re-opened after being suspended for several months following strong protests over the fees. Many of them used small change in bottles for the toll.

However, on the first and second day following re-opening, lots of drivers have continued their opposition though either using small change, or high-value notes.

The staff on Thursday morning asked the drivers to move to the waiting lanes to make their payments, but they disagreed, causing serious traffic congestion of around two kilometres for hours. The staff couldn’t arrange sufficient change, so they were forced to let the drivers go for free for an hour.


Traffic congestion at Cai Lay BOT toll station on November 30 and December 1

On the afternoon of the same day, drivers used small notes again, leading to more traffic jams, and again the staff had to let cars pass through for free.

Driver Nguyen Vu Long from Vinh Long Province said that “Although the Ministry of Transport reduced fees at Cai Lay toll booth, we still disagree with this as the fee levels are lower, but the time for fees collection is longer. The station is also deliberately placed to charge vehicles which are only travelling along the 12-km road leading to Cai Lay Town.”

Police also detained two drivers for their aggressive actions at the station, affecting the public order.

The same situation continued on Friday morning and the staff had to suspend the station again.

Vehicle owners who reside in My Thanh Nam, Binh Phu, Phu An and Phu Nhuan communes in Cai Lay District will be exempt from the road toll. And those running cargo transport and bus services will get a 50% reduction.

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