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Cai Lay BOT toll station fee opponent stabbed
  • | | December 04, 2017 08:21 PM
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Police in the Mekong Delta city of Can Tho have arrested a man for attacking a driver who opposed fee collection at the Cai Lay BOT toll station.

The detained man was Le Tan Tu, 36, who lives in Hung Thanh Ward, in Can Tho City's Cai Rang District.


Le Tan Tu at the police station

Le Tan Tu is owner of a company headquartered in Tien Giang Province which specialises in leasing cranes and rescue vehicles. His company had signed a contract with Cai Lay BOT toll station to tow violating vehicles at the station.

On December 1, Tu’s company towed driver Trinh Hong Phuong’s truck when he was arguing with the toll station staff.

Phuong’s group sent messages to Tu threatening him. They also argued on Facebook and then made appointment for a meeting at a café shop.

Tu’s wife informed the police of the meeting. However, after that they changed the meeting place to the headquarters of Tu’s company.

On December 3, driver Vuong Quoc Tan, 34, from Can Tho City and some members of his group came to Tu’s company. When Tan started live streaming the meeting on his mobile phone, Tu did not say anything but rushed to attack him with a knife, injuring Tan’s arm who suffered from profuse bleeding.


Driver Vuong Quoc Tan stabbed

They all were requested to visit the police station.

Tensions at Cai Lay BOT toll station have continued as drivers still oppose the fees. From 11 pm on December 3 to 6:30 am on December 4, the station had to let drivers pass through it for free five times to ease traffic congestion. The toll booth remained suspended due to the strong opposition of drivers, leading to traffic jams.

According to some news sources, a group of drivers are preparing around 10 kilos of coins with small face value to pay the fees, aiming to make the work of the toll staff nearly impossible.


Tensions have continued at Cai Lay BOT toll station

Meanwhile, a large General Department of Vietnam Road vehicle has been assigned to the toll station. It specialises in towing overloaded trucks of up to 100 tonnes.

Some drivers said that the vehicle may be used to tow container trucks which try to confront to the toll booth staff.

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