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Man in Hanoi arrested for long-term abuse of son
  • |, VietnamNet | December 07, 2017 12:38 PM
Police in Hanoi’s Cau Giay District have detained a local man who mistreated his 10-year-old son for a prolonged period.

According to the police’s initial information, since Tran Hoai Nam, 34, and his wife divorced about four years ago, their son lived with Nam.

Nam re-married two years ago.


The boy abused by his father and stepmother for a long time

On December 5, the boy decided to come to his paternal grandparents’ house which is some kilometres from his home to call for help.

The grandparents were really shocked to see the boy in a panic and so skinny as he weighed just 20 kilos. He was previously quite chubby at 40 kilos. The boy said that during the time living with his father and stepmother, he was not allowed to school. He was kept at home doing housework and was repeatedly physically assaulted.

The grandparents then contacted his mother to take him to hospital for a medical check-up.

According to the medical examination results, the boy has broken ribs and cracked skull. His body is also full of bruises. He is now staying at hospital for treatment.


Nam is asked to show what he did to his son at his home on December 6

Nam confessed to the police that he did beat his son sometimes.

The boy’s grandparents said that their son rarely visited them so they did not know about what had been done to their grandson.

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