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Worker protests against low Tet bonus in Quang Nam
  • |, nld | January 12, 2018 05:21 PM
Thousands of workers at two companies in the central province of Quang Nam have gone on strike to protest against low Tet bonuses and poor treatment.

Workers at MTV Moon Chang Vina Company go on strike on January 12

On the morning of January 12, nearly 5,000 workers at Panko Tam Thang Company and MTV Moon Chang Vina Company, Ltd,. at Tam Thang Industrial Zone in Tam Ky City stopped working and went on strike.

At Moon Chang Vina Company, over 600 workers gathered at the company to protest against long working hours, low bonus and short leave for the coming Lunar New Year Holiday.

According to the workers, they have to work on Sunday and do 3.5 extra hours on all other days in the week but do not get paid for that.

Moreover, the company has just announced two options for the Lunar New Year Holiday which workers find both unreasonable.

“We work hard the whole year but they treat us so bad," a worker, Nguyen Thi Huong said. "They did not give us any bonus on the New Year Holiday like other companies did. And they have just announced that there will be nothing on Tet holiday. Besides, there are some other ridiculous regulations such as going to the toilet only at certain hours."

The same morning, over 4,000 workers at Panko Tam Thang Company also went on strike to ask for a proper Tet bonus.

According to the workers, the company said in the labour contracts that workers would get Tet bonus worth a full-month salary if they worked for a year or more. But on January 11 the company announced that they would give bonus worth only 30 percent of the salary.

Representatives from Quang Nam Provincial Department of Labour, Invalids and Social Affairs, Chu Lai Economic Zone and Tam Ky City have come to work with leaders of the two companies and workers to address the issue.

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