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High-rise project by the West Lake rejected
  • | tienphong, | May 03, 2018 11:07 AM
The authorities of Hanoi have rejected the proposal to build a 36-storey hotel near the West Lake as it exceeds the permitted height in the area.


Thang Loi Hotel on Yen Phu Street

The Hanoi authorities have also submitted an official document to the Ministry of Construction to seek directives on a hotel complex on 200 Yen Phu Street. This location was occupied by the Thang Loi Hotel. In 2015, Thang Loi Hotel JSC and Hilton Worldwide Group signed an agreement to renovate and transform Thang Loi Hotel into Hanoi Hilton Westlake. Hanoi authorities also agree to extend the land lease to Thang Loi Hotel JSC.

Thang Loi JSC proposed to raise the height of the one-storey hotel section on the ground to a 36-storey complex. This section covers 42,000 square metres and will include a shopping centre. However, in accordance with the ministerial-approved master planning, high-rise buildings are banned around the West Lake. Thang Loi Hotel is also considered to have historical value.

According to Hanoi authorities, they appreciate the fact that Thang Loi JSC wants to upgrade the hotel to meet international standards and better exploit the location. "However, the proposed 36-storey building exceeds the permitted height and will not be allowed," written in the official document submitted by the Hanoi People's Committee.

Regarding the rumours about the proposal to build a city guest house on 584 Lac Long Quan Street, Hanoi People's Committee said it hadn't had any plan to invest in this location.

The four-star Thang Loi Hotel was built in 1973 with 140 rooms. In 2014, the BRG Group acquired a large amount of stake in Thang Loi Hotel but the details of the transaction were not disclosed.

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