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Doctors remove a giant 23kg tumour from man's backside
  • | | May 03, 2018 04:20 PM
Doctors at the Vietnam-Germany Hospital have successfully removed a massive 23-kilo tumour from a man's buttock and back in Nghe An Province.


The giant tumour in the patient's back, buttock and thigh

Nguyen Hong Ha, head of the Faculty of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery of Vietnam-Germany Hospital in Hanoi, said on May 3 that the 34-year-old patient was admitted to hospital in late March. He weighed 83kg but the tumour already weighed 45kg.

The tumour was in his back, buttock and most of his left leg. As a result, he couldn’t walk at all and had to use a wheelchair.

According to his family, the patient had the tumour since he was small and as he grew up, the tumour got larger and larger. They didn't have money to go to the hospital so he had to live with the pain. There was a time when the tumour grew so big that his skin broke and he fainted from blood loss. Recently, they had borrowed enough money to bring him to hospital.

When he was admitted, he was exhausted from severe blood loss, untreated wounds and deformed femur. He was diagnosed with neurofibroma, a group of three conditions in which tumours grow in the nervous system.

Knowing that this is a complicated case, the hospital's managing board had consulted with experts in various fields including blood transfusion, anaesthesia, resuscitation and intensive care units. The tumour was too big so he couldn't fit into an MRI machine. As a result, the doctors had to bring the MRI machine into the operating theatre and took the scans while carrying out the operation.

The doctors decided to remove the tumour in two operations to minimise risks. In the first operation, 10 surgeons successfully removed the tumour in the back and buttock in three sessions that last for eight hours. The removed tumour weighs 23 kg and the patient received over five litres of blood. The tumour in the left thigh will be taken out after the patient recovers.

His health is still being monitored at the hospital. Removing the tumour will also help reduce the risks of having cancer.

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