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Tiger footprints found in Thanh Hoa
  • | | May 22, 2018 05:49 PM
Footprints which are suspected to belong to tigers have been found on a hill in the northern central province of Thanh Hoa’s Thach Thanh District.

Nguyen Van Can in Dong Thanh 2 Village, Thanh Yen Commune and Truong Van Thong in Le Cam Village, Thanh My Commune recently detected the footprints at Thung Bi Hill which is just some 500 metres from a nearby residential area.


The area where the tiger prints have been found (photo by VOV)

The case has been reported to the local forest management board. According to the force, the trace may be the footprint of a tiger which may have travelled through the area to search for food.

Dinh Quang Thuan, head of Dong Thanh 2 Village, said that many local residents often saw footprints which look like tiger tracks around nearby residential areas. They also heard the sound of other kinds of wild animals.

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