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Two boys die of rabies
  • | | May 30, 2018 07:13 AM
Two ethnic minority boys in the northern provinces of Hoa Binh and Lang Son have died of rabies over the past five days, said Dr. Bui Huy Vu from the National Hospital of Tropical Diseases.

Vu, head of the National Hospital for Tropical Diseases’ Paediatrics Ward, said that the first patient, who was 12 years old in Hoa Binh Province, was hospitalised on May 18 in critical condition. The boy feared water and light and exhibited some mental disorders. Despite intensive treatment, he died.  

His family raised a dog that was sold as it was sick, while the family kept its puppies. While playing with the puppies, he was bitten by one of them. He did not tell his parents about the bite until he suffered from the symptoms of rabies.

The second boy who was nine years old in Lang Son Province was taken to the hospital on May 22. He had clear symptoms of rabies and died on the same day.

According to his parents, he did not tell them about being scratched by his family’s dog which died 13 days ago.

Dr. Vu said that people need to be vaccinated against rabies after being attacked by dogs or cats.

When cats or dogs bite people, they need to be kept within 10 days to find out whether they have rabies instead of being sold or slaughtered for meat to prevent the disease infection. Anyone who touches on its saliva can be infected with rabies, Huy warned.

Cats and dogs need to be vaccinated against rabies and also need to wear muzzles in public places.

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