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Thanh Hoa Police want nets to catch illegal racers
  • | | June 20, 2018 05:16 PM
 >>  Police continue to use nets to catch illegal racers
Traffic police in Thanh Hoa Province have resumed the use of fishing nets to catch illegal racers.


Traffic police in Thanh Hoa Province use fishing nets to catch illegal racers

Pham Hong Hai, captain of the traffic police in Thanh Hoa Province, said that the net-shooting gun had been licensed by the National Office of Intellectual Property of Vietnam last year.

"During National Assembly meeting sessions, the Ministry of Public Security already reported and proposed putting the gun into use. The number of illegal races significantly dropped after the fishing nets were used. It's the most effective method to date," he said.

Hai proposed legalising the fishing net as support tools of the police to prevent illegal racings and speedings. In the meantime, they will continue using the fishing nets and net-shooting guns.

Thanh Hoa Department of Public Security have recently focused more on traffic crimes.

The fishing nets were first used in 2011. This is the idea of Lieutenant Colonel Vu Quoc Tuong, vice chief of the Traffic Police Team of Thanh Hoa City. The Thanh Hoa police say they use the nets to stop the rear wheel, and they are designed to bring the vehicle to a gradual stop.

in 2013, the Weapon Manufacturing Institute produced the net gun which can be launched at a maximum distance of 30 metres with a laser sighting system.

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