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Passenger fined for hitting flight attendant
  • By Chau Nhu Quynh | | July 24, 2018 11:31 AM
A passenger has been fined VND15m (USD644) after hitting a Jetstar Pacific flight attendant before the take off of a Vinh-HCM City flight.

Passenger fined for hitting flight attendant

On July 17, the passenger from Ha Tinh Province couldn't find empty space on the shelf for his three pieces of luggage near his seat and became annoyed. He asked the flight attendant to put his luggage on the shelf but maintained an aggressive attitude and suddenly hit the flight attendant’s head.

The lead flight attendant reported the case and took statements from other passengers. The airport security arrived to take over the case.

In accordance with Resolution 147 about administrative fines in aviation, the Northern Airport Authority fined the passenger VND15m.

The representative of Jetstar Pacific Airlines said each passenger was allowed to bring up to 7kg of carry-on baggage. The measurements are also regulated. When the nearest overhead locker is full, the passengers have to find other empty spaces for their baggage. The passengers should follow guidance and regulations to ensure the flight's schedule and aviation safety.

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