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USD15.5 earmarked to improve Hanoians’ height
  • By Quang Phong | | September 12, 2018 04:30 PM
Hanoi has earmarked VND363 billion (USD15.5 million) in funding to improve the height of local people by 2030.

Under the plan, men’s average height is expected to reach 167.5cm by 2025 and 169cm by 2030, while the figures for women would be 156.5cm and 158cm tall, respectively. 


Hanoi has earmarked USD15.5 million to improve the height of local people by 2030

Boys will be set the target of being able to run an average distance of 1,080 metres by 2025 and 1,150 metres by 2030 within 5 minutes. Girl students are expected to run 860 metres and 1,000 metres within five minutes by these years respectively.

Of the total investment for the plan, around VND90 billion would be mobilised from the district budget, while the rest would be from other sources.

A survey conducted by the Hanoi Department of Population and Family Planning in 2017 indicated that the average height of Hanoians was 2-3 cm taller than 10 years ago.

Another study in 30 districts and towns last year showed similar results with the average height of 12th grade boys 166 cm and 12th grade girls 156 cm.

The figure is higher than the national average but lower than their peers in more developed countries in the region.

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