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Schools ban pork as African swine fever spreads
  • | laodong, | March 11, 2019 05:36 PM
 >>  African swine fever spreads to 13 localities
 >>  Vietnam strengthens African swine fever measures
Several schools in Hanoi removed pork from their menus due to the spread of African swine fever.


The African swine fever has spread to 13 provinces and cities in Vietnam by March 10

The African swine fever has spread to 13 cities and provinces by March 10 as the authorities find ways to control the outbreaks. Many schools in Hanoi have announced that they will stop using pork for pupils' meals and advised against pork during this time.

From March 11, Vinschool nursery schools will start using shrimp, fish, eels, beef and other food to replace pork products. The primary, secondary and high schools in the Vinschool chain also announced that they will stop using pork.

Nguyen Thi Bich Lien, head of Dong Da Nursery School, confirmed that they would replace pork with other food. Lien said they had discussed the problem with the parents after being informed about the spreading outbreaks in many provinces and cities including Hanoi.

On March 11, Mimi Nursery School issued a notification stating that pork will be left out of the menu.

"Even though our supplier had made a commitment with us about the pork quality, we still decided to stop using pork in children's meals as a safety measure to ensure the children's health and as an assurance for the parents," the notice stated.

Pork will be replaced by chicken, fish and eggs from March 13.

Even though health experts have assured the public that African swine fever does not affect humans, many people are still concerned and are avoiding the meat.

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