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Vietnam Airlines makes emergency landing for ill patient
  • | tienphong, | June 11, 2019 03:10 PM
A Vietnam Airlines flight from Japan to Danang made an emergency landing in Taiwan to rescue a Japanese passenger who had a high fever.


A Vietnam Airlines flight took emergency landing in Taiwan

The Osaka-Danang flight had to take an emergency landing at Taoyuan International Airport on June 7 after a two-year-old child had a high fever and fainted 15 minutes into the flight.

After receiving the notification, the representative of Vietnam Airlines in Taiwan quickly called an ambulance and worked with the medical staff at the airport to prepare everything ready for the patient who had a seizure and breathing difficulties.

The child was transferred to Li Shin Hospital. After four hours, he recovered but fell sick again. Due to his unstable condition, the family decided to stay in Taiwan overnight. They safely returned to Osaka on June 8 and thanked Vietnam Airlines for all the help.

The plane was checked and refuelled and resumed its flight to Danang over one hour later.

In 2017, a plane from Hanoi to Busan had to make an emergency landing in Hong Kong after a passenger had a stroke. A plane from Hanoi to Paris landed urgently in New Delhi because of an ill passenger.

Emergency landings often cause a huge loss for the airlines due to sudden fuel cost, airport fees and compensations for other passengers.

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