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UN field hospital in Sudan helps pregnant woman
  • By Van Son | | July 12, 2019 08:12 PM
The Vietnamese-run UN field hospital in South Sudan has successfully rescued the wife of the governor of the Bentiu State with post-natal problems.


The pregnant woman was treated timely by Vietnamese doctors at a field hospital in South Sudan

The news reached Vietnam on July 12. The field hospital was set up in South Sudan as part of the UN peacekeeping mission. On June 30, the wife of the governor of the Bentiu State was brought to the level-two field hospital when she was 32 weeks pregnant.

When the patient was admitted, she had a high fever and dull pain in the stomach. In the previous week, she already was nauseous and had diarrhoea. Tests showed that she had malaria, anaemia and the fetus lacked amniotic fluid.

Since this was a serious case, the doctors planned to transfer the patient to a higher-level hospital. However, the patient had been in a serious state for days and needed treatment immediately. The doctors helped stabilise her condition before sending her to a hospital in Uganda where she gave birth to a baby girl.

The governor of the Bentiu State called to thank the doctors and wanted to donate a cow to the hospital so that they could share the joy with him. A cow is a very valuable gift in South Sudan and often included in the wife's dowry.

The commander of the Bentiu base also thanked the doctors for their efforts in helping the local people and UN employees in Sudan.

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